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Age of Empires IV: Tons O’ Toys Event is Here!

A new type of event is happening now – a mini event called Tons O’ Toys! Now, December 6 through January 12, unlock these fun holiday-themed rewards with all your friends and get into the holiday spirit!

ChallengeHow to Unlock Reward
So Cute🔒 Produce 20 Sheep from Pastures.
🏆 Unlocks a profile portrait of a sheep plush.
Do It Fast🔒 Defeat the Polish army before the Bohemian army arrives in the Battle of Liegnitz mission.
🧱 Unlocks a Coat of Arms laurel banner shape.
Up Close🔒 Defeat units with only melee units and win a Multiplayer or Skirmish match.
🧱 Unlocks a banner sigil of a wooden practice sword.
Just Gatherer🔒 Win a 2v2 Quick Match without using Gaia as a food source.
🏆 Unlocks a balloon animal profile portrait of a deer.
Protect Them All🔒 Achieve a Sacred Victory with another player against Intermediate A.I. in a 2v2 Custom match on King of the Hill.
🧱 Unlocks a monument made of a pile of presents.

We hope you enjoy the Tons O’ Toys Event and are looking forward to what’s next!

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