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University Of Arizona

University of Arizona Online + Age of Empires IV

University of Arizona Online partners with Age of Empires IV

Microsoft and the University of Arizona have partnered to transform Age of Empires IV Illuminated Histories into a truly unique online learning experience.

Learning has never been this fun!

Get University of Arizona Online Credit

Earn one hour of undergraduate academic credit as a current or future University of Arizona Online (Arizona Online) student by working through this enhanced version of Age of Empires IV. Arizona Online Illuminated Histories content modules bring the game to life by expanding the real moments in history that inspired Age of Empires IV. Engage with content created by world-renown University of Arizona faculty, complete the Age of Empires IV campaign mode and the additional Arizona Online Illuminated Histories content on the Age of Empires website in order to be credit-eligible. Once completed, your credit will be available to you upon university enrollment and can be the first step toward earning a history degree from Arizona Online, or you can apply it to the undergraduate degree you choose to pursue.

Get Started

Play the Game
Play the Game

You’ll need access to the Age of Empires IV game through purchase or by being a PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate member. Begin at the Age of Empires IV website to opt into the University of Arizona of Empires IV game in campaign mode.

Take the Assessment
Take the Assessment

Once you complete the campaign version of the game and the Arizona Online’s Illuminated Histories modules, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete your Arizona Online Illuminated Histories Assessment.

Once you pass the assessment, you will be eligible for an undergraduate elective University of Arizona Online credit, and you will receive a University of Arizona digital badge credential through Badgr!

Apply to Arizona Online
Apply to Arizona Online

A passing Arizona Online Illuminated Histories Assessment score triggers an email that you will receive within 24 hours with instructions on what to do to apply for admission. And if you’re admitted, how to enroll and activate your credit. There will be no application fee for AoE Illuminated Histories players!

Earn Your Credit
Earn Your Credit

Once you are admitted, enrolled in a course (fees apply), and have completed the course, your University of Arizona Online 1 credit will be awarded to your student account and transcript.

*In order to confirm your knowledge and earn your college credit through the University of Arizona Online, you must take the assessment. The assessment is free to take, can be taken one year after completing the game, and can be retaken until you receive a passing score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Age of Empires and University of Arizona partnership? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few of the most common answers about the program.

For more frequently asked questions, visit the Arizona Online program FAQ page.

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