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Code of Conduct

At World’s Edge, we pride ourselves on telling the stories of civilizations all throughout history and all throughout the world. We have our global community in mind when we build our games. We’re honored to have such a welcoming, friendly, and fair community of players.

Building that community means trusting each other to embrace certain values that make all the Age of Empires games and social spaces safe and welcoming places to engage. If you encounter behavior that does not help to build a welcoming space for all players, we encourage you to report it. We may take enforcement actions to uphold these values based on the Xbox Community Standards. This Code of Conduct clarifies those Standards for the Age of Empires games and spaces. By using your Microsoft Account to play Age of Empires games and use its associated online services, you agree to abide by this Code.

We welcome new players.

New players are always discovering Age of Empires, which means our games have players of all skill levels. While competition on the battlefield can sometimes be fierce, harassment or abuse of others is unacceptable. When meeting a new player, take the time to make them feel welcome.

We build an inclusive community.

The Age of Empires franchise celebrates stories from civilizations all over the world, and our players come from every corner of the map as well! We learn from each other and celebrate our differences. Our team’s mission is to create safe spaces for our players to meet, game, discuss and engage. Prejudice against someone because of their gender, age, race, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, or disability will not be tolerated.

We play fair and respect each other.

We play together and engage in respectful behavior even while competing. For example, saying “Good game” or “gg” after a competitive match. Engaging in behaviors to purposefully undermine matches goes against the spirit of the game. This can include, but is not limited to, repeatedly quitting a match early, sending excessive in-game taunts or tampering with the game.  This does not necessarily apply to various in-game strategies, for example tower rushing, which are part of the competitive nature of our games.

We keep each other safe.

We want players from all backgrounds to feel safe in our games.  This means being a force for good in-game and on any Age platforms. For example, cautioning another player if their behavior does not adhere to the Xbox Community Standards or this Code, or promoting constructive conversations on Age platforms. We encourage players to report behavior that impacts the safety and enjoyment of the game for themselves and others.

How can I help keep Age of Empires a welcoming place?

We count on each other to report behavior that makes ourselves or others feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you experience or witness behavior that does not support our values, we encourage you to mute or block the player and report the behavior in-game. If the behavior is outside of these games or if there are additional details to include with an in-game report, please reach out to our Support team with details of the violation.

Steps for reporting in-game behavior can be found in the following sections of our Support center.

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Age of Empires IV Player Reporting

What are the consequences of breaking this Code of Conduct?

Players found to be violating the Xbox Community Standards or this Code of Conduct are subject to enforcement action. The type of enforcement action is based on the type, frequency, and nature of the violation. If we take enforcement action, then you may forfeit the ability to play the game.

Information about in-game bans can be found in the following articles in our Support center.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition In-game ban

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